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Build Your Own - Design & Create Custom Products
For a base price of 25.00 plus the cost of the items you select, you can build your own gift. Select a quantity for each product that you wish to add, then click "Add to Cart" to review your order.
Image Quantity Product Price
**Upgrade to a Wicker Basket! $12.50
Andre's Chocolate Covered Almond Bag $9.00
Bar du Soliel $3.50
Best of KC Steak Baste $6.50
Boulevard Mustard $6.00
Bryant's BBQ Sauce $6.00
Bryant's Meat and Rib Rub Seasoning $6.75
Burger's Beef Sausage $6.00
Ceramic Large Relief Print Photo Mug $15.00
Char Bar BBQ Table Sauce $8.00
Chase's Cherry Mash Chocolate $1.25
Christopher Elbow 21 pc. Bon Bons $45.00
Christopher Elbow 4 pc. Bon Bons $10.00
Christopher Elbow Chocolate Bar $8.50
Christopher Elbow Chocolates 9 pc Bon Bons $22.00
Christopher Elbow Fleur de Sel Caramels 6pc $20.00
Gates BBQ Sauce $5.50
Gates Original Seasoning $5.00
Hereford House Steak Marinade $7.00
Honey Toasted Peanuts $6.00
Jack Stack All Purpose Seasoning $5.00
Jack Stack BBQ Sauce $5.50
Kansas City Tea Towel $8.00
KC Scenic Travel Mug $10.00
Louisburg Apple Butter $6.00
Louisburg Root Beer $2.00
Meat Mitch Whomp BBQ Sauce $8.50
Osceola Cheddar Cheese $6.00
Pink Stuff Garlic Salad Dressing $7.00
Popcorn on the Cob $3.25
Rabbit Creek Brownie Mix $7.50
Roasterie Coffee $4.00
Russell Stover Assorted 12oz Chocolates $14.50
Russell Stover Candy Bar $1.50
Russell Stover Pecan Delight Big Bite $2.00
Russell Stover Starlight Kisses $5.00
Sunflower Cookies $8.00
Sunny Seed Chocolate Covered Sunflower Nuts $3.50
Velvet Creme Popcorn $4.00
Velvet Creme Sweet N Crunchy Snack $10.00
Wind & Willow Cheeseball Mix $5.00

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